Should the Stay-at-Home Order Apply?

6 Illinois counties have no confirmed cases of coronavirus

Every afternoon during the COVID-19 pandemic, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has provided an update on the spread of the virus.

There are six counties in Illinois out of 102 without a single confirmed case.

It’s easy to say rural areas are not as dense and keep the virus from spreading. But there are rural areas all over Illinois that have cases.

But Putnam County has zero cases.

Hennepin, Illinois is located in the county and home to Putnam County’s government offices.

Mayor Kevin Coleman said there may be unreported cases.

“The testing is one thing. There is not much of it going on here,” he said. “So how do we know if it’s actually here or not.”

But all around town signs are up and masks are on.

The regional health department for Putnam County says they finally started to feel confident about testing last Friday.

The county has clinics but no hospitals.

Many are rural areas that are questioning if the stay at home order should apply to them.

Source: WGN