PCES Hennepin Jumps Rope for Heart

Students, faculty, and staff at Putnam County Elementary in Hennepin collected $1,101.00 for the American Heart Association during their Jump Rope for Heart event. Students collecting donations were Emily Bruch, Matt Hultz, Madie Brannon, Meggie Brooker, Madelyn Hultz, Cassie Johnson, Skyler Williams, Ben Cyr, Nolan Doyle, Tia Green, Mackenzie Edens, Zach Carroll, John Kazmierczak, Zach Leibhart, Ethan Staley, Taryn Grasser, Rylee Liles, Nolan Whitney, Olivia Lawley, Sydney Pederson, Anna Mattern, Emma Cyr, Ryan Giacometti, and Catie Nowakowski.

All students in the school jumped rope during PE class and received a bookmark and Jump Rope for Heart Sticker. Students collecting donations will receive thank you gifts from the heart association. The school received free jump ropes and a gift certificate to purchase PE equipment.