Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics


Located in northwestern Putnam County in north central Illinois, Hennepin lies along the eastern bank of the Illinois River. Hennepin is within 75 miles of major Illinois urban areas including Rockford, Quad Cities, Galesburg, Peoria, and Bloomington/Normal. It is within 100 miles of Chicago, Champaign/Urbana and Springfield, and within 200 miles of the St. Louis metropolitan area. Lying at the center of the major Midwestern United States metropolitan area places the Village of Hennepin at the heart of the nation’s transportation system. This creates a high potential for economic development within the Hennepin area.


The Village of Hennepin is served by or in close vicinity to all forms of major transportation. The two most influential forms of transportation in Hennepin are highway and waterway. Both have played an important role in the development of Hennepin.


There is railroad service to Exolon ESK in the 1-1/2 mile area around Hennepin. This service is provided by Conrail. Passenger rail service is not available in Hennepin or Putnam County. The nearest location for passenger rail service is Princeton, 15 miles away.


The Village of Hennepin is serviced by state routes 26 and 71 and U.S. Route 180. U.S. Route 80 which runs coast to coast across the country is about 10 miles north of Hennepin and can be reached via U.S. 180. Route 71 runs east west and intersects U.S. Route 39 about 13 miles east of Hennepin. U.S. Routes 39 runs north-south from Rockford to Bloomington, IL. Because of its vicinity to cross country roadways in all directions Hennepin is a great location for the shipment of goods by highway.


The Illinois River flows east-west along the northern Village limits and north-south along the west edge of the Village of Hennepin. The Illinois River is entirely navigable, and maintains a ninefoot navigation channel between its eight locks and dams. Barge traffic on the Illinois River is very important to the Village of Hennepin. The Illinois River, a vital part of the national waterway system, serves as the primary water connection for shipping between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. Hennepin is a prime location for manufacturing and industrial development because of its location on the Illinois River and the capability of shipping bulk goods via barge on the river.

Air Service

There are no commercial air facilities in the Village of Hennepin. Hennepin is within 45 miles of the Greater Peoria Regional Airport. Several regional airports are within 15 miles of Hennepin, Lacon Airport in Lacon and the Illinois Valley Regional Airport in Peru. These airports do not offer scheduled passenger carrier service. The airports primarily serve corporate, private and charter flights. The Illinois Valley Regional Airport has a 6,000-foot-long hard-surface, lighted runways, offers complete facilities, hangers and tie-down space for 60 aircrafts. In addition, a private airstrip is located a few miles east of Hennepin just south of Route 71. In Chicago O'Hare and Midway Airports are approximately 90 miles away. Airports in Rockford, Moline, and Bloomington are within 75 miles.