Deck Scholarship Winners Announced

The Regional Superintendent of Schools, Rhonda Cross, announced the recipients of the Adam and Ida Deck scholarships.

Photos courtesy of Ron Bluemer

The top winner of the Deck scholarship is Miss Kristin Holmbeck, daughter of Dave and Thelma Holmbeck, who received the $1,200 award. Holmbeck will be using her scholarship to help pay to attend IVCC and major in Business Administration. She plans to transfer to the University of Wisconsin to complete her degree.

The second recipient is Miss Abigail Nieslawski, daughter of Mark and Donna Nieslawski. She plans to use her $1,000 scholarship to attend Eureka College where she will pursue a double major in Special Education and Elementary Education.

Abigail and Kristin pictured with Mayor Kevin Coleman

Congratulations to Kristin and Abigail!