Lovin' From the Oven

When Hennepin resident Lori Boekeloo was first married in 1990, her mother gave her a gift she still treasures today.

 “My mom did an index box with all our family recipes,” she said. “It was brilliant.”

Over the years, that index box has been more than a source of tasty recipes — it’s also a box of memories. Boekeloo continues to add to that precious collection, putting recipes from in-laws and close family friends into the mix, as well as ones she has discovered or developed on her own.

Photo courtesy of the News Tribune

The cinnamon roll recipe Boekeloo uses came from a family friend and has been implemented into the Boekeloo’s treasure trove of recipes.

“It’s become a staple,” she said.

The box also contains recipes from both her grandmothers. When she makes those, she thinks of them and the special times they spent together.

“Sunday afternoons, after church, we always went to Grandma Boekeloo’s house,” Boekeloo said. “Our lives were so busy, that was the one time we’d always sit down with everyone.”

Often, her grandmother would make recipes specifically because she was certain family members enjoyed them. Usually, she was right. But when she was wrong, her family members didn’t have the heart to tell her.

“She got it in her head that I loved lasagna. I hate lasagna,” Boekeloo said.

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