Plans Underway for Former Steelworkers Union Hall

The Putnam County Board on behalf of the county has started efforts to buy the former steelworkers union hall in Hennepin. Plans are to use this structure as an emergency services building according to the PC Board as announced on Oct. 13th.

Putnam County Emergency Management Agency coordinator Jim Goldasich said, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s a very good fit for us.” Goldasich noted that some remodeling and a garage will be built on the property. The building can be used for meetings, training and as a warming or cooling center as needed. The building will be purchased with a grant for $85,000. The property includes six acres. Title work has been started.

Putnam County Board Chairman Duane Calbow said, “We all wish it was still being used for its original purpose.” Even though it is no longer being used for the steel workers, its history will be honored, Calbow said.

“The legacy of the building will be kept,” agreed Goldasich.