Board Observes Moment of Silence for Former Putnam County Courthouse Employee

The Putnam County Board had a moment of silence at its meeting Monday to honor the passing of a former courthouse custodian.

Donald Camatti, a former Hennepin resident who passed away on Jan. 27 at the age of 77, worked for decades at the courthouse before he retired.

“He was a fixture of this courthouse and this community,” board chairman Duane Calbow said.

Calling Camatti “a gentle soul,” Calbow said he was someone everyone should strive to be like.

Calbow said a plaque should be placed in the hallway to honor Camatti’s years of service.

“I think it’s appropriate he remain a fixture here at the courthouse,” he said.

In other news:

* The emergency services communications tower is up and running in HennepinTownship. The tower, paid for with a grant, has made a “noticeable” difference for police officers while they are in the Magnolia area at the southeast corner of the county, sheriff Kevin Doyle said. Before the tower was erected, officers didn’t even have working cell phone coverage in that area.

* Mike Neuenkirchen, administrator of Bureau and Putnam Area Rural Transit, a division of Gateway Services, Inc., spoke to the board about public transportation in PutnamCounty. The board approved a resolution for the Bureau-Putnam Area Rural Transit program grant in which Gateway serves as the administrative agent.

Source: News Tribune