Hennepin Elementary School Buys iPads

Thanks to a $2,000 donation from Dynegy, Hennepin Elementary School was able to purchase five iPads for classroom use.

The iPads have a number of educational applications that children can benefit from, according to Hennepin Elementary principal Mike Olson.

“We’re going to pilot it in one of the fifth-grade classrooms,” he said.

Using an iPad also will give students an opportunity to utilize technology they might not have access to outside of school.

Megan Brooker, a fifth-grade student at Hennepin Elementary, showed Dynegy officials and Dynegy employee Calvin Neubaum, different applications she could easily access by using an iPad. She said she had never used an iPad before being introduced to one at school.

Jennifer Pembleton, administrative manager at Dynegy’s Hennepin plant, said Neubaum pitched the idea of the grant to Dynegy. Neubaum’s wife, Sandra, works as an aide at Hennepin Elementary school. A panel of people at Dynegy approved the grant, she said.

Implementing technology into the curriculum at the schools continues to be a goal of the Putnam County School District.

“This fits in nicely with what we are trying to do in the district,” Putnam County superintendent Jay McCracken said.

Source: News Tribune