Other Options Coming Soon for Putnam County Taxpayers

Taxpayers should soon have other options for paying their property tax bills in PutnamCounty.

Treasurer Kevin Kunkel told the Putnam County Board on Monday that he is pursuing adding a link on the treasurer’s page on the county website. That link would allow residents to pay taxes with an e-check for a $1 fee.

Taxpayers also could set up an escrow account, which would take money out of their checking accounts every month. That money would then be held in a separate account until taxes were due.

Kunkel said he has had requests for a similar service from taxpayers in the past.

“I’ve had a lot of taxpayers saying, ‘Can I make payments to you?’” Kunkel said.

With this method, taxpayers would be prepaying, which might help some people avoid late fees, he said.

The service also would allow taxpayers to have their tax bills emailed to them instead of mailed. Each tax bill that is emailed would cost the county 40 cents, but that is cheaper than the postage cost, Kunkel said. Overall, it would be a savings to the county, he added.

Other than the 40-cent fee for emailing the bills, these additional services would not cost the county any money, Kunkel said. The consumers would pay convenience fees for utilizing these services.

“I think we can move fairly quickly on this,” Kunkel said. “It may be online for this year’s tax bills.”

Source: News Tribune