Park District Looking at Slightly Less in Hennepin Village Funding

The Hennepin Village Board directed the Hennepin Park District on Wednesday to expect 10 percent less for its 2013 budget than what the village pledged financially in 2012.

“This (cut) is temporary until investments come back,” board member Rich Casey said.

Last year’s Hennepin Park District recreation budget showed an allotted $8,750 contribution from the village. This year, the village told Sandy Hrasch of the Hennepin Park District to count on a maximum of $7,950.

Although $8,750 was allotted for 2012, Hrasch said she was careful not to spend all of it.

“We were under budget by a little over $600,” she said.

Hrasch asked the board if it had any preferences as to which programs were cut or scaled back.

The board said it wants swimming lessons to continue as usual.

“Swimming lessons are a must,” Casey said.

The board said Hrasch could adjust the budget and the programs as she sees fit.

“You know this program better than anybody,” board member Paul Miskowiec said.

Despite making the cut to the park district budget, the board voted to kick in an extra $2,000 for the annual fireworks budget.

In 2012, the budget was $17,400, according to Miskowiec. This year, with an extra $2,000 from the village, the budget will be $16,900.

Of the $16,900 budget, $14,900 comes from the village and $2,000 is given by the Fourth of July committee.

Miskowiec said there were multiple reasons to consider increasing the village’s share by $2,000.

A private donor who contributed a sizable amount last year will not be making a donation for the fireworks this year, he said.

In addition, costs associated with the fireworks display keep increasing each year.

“We are now paying $1,300 (in insurance) for a 20-minute display,” he said.

Another $1,350 is spent to set off the fireworks electronically, he added.

Also, he said the village had not increased how much it spent on the fireworks budget in six or seven years. The Fourth of July celebration is a big draw, bringing in a lot of visitors to Hennepin, he added.

In other news:
* Christian Cyr, a registered investment adviser, spoke to the board about investment options.
The subject will be listed on next month’s agenda for discussion and possible action.

Source: News Tribune