Lenkaitis, Loiselle Win Deck Scholarship

Image courtesy of the Putnam County Record
Regional Superintendent Phyllis J. Glazier of Marshall-Putnam-Woodford counties was on hand at the monthly Hennepin Village Board meeting to award the Adam and Ida Deck Scholarship on April 17. First-place winner Nicholas Lenkaitis and his parents, Bill and Laurie Lenkaitis, as well as second-place winner Alison Loiselle with her parents, Paul and Jane Loiselle, attended the presentation.

Glazier said, “I realized that over the years that 86 students have been helped getting four-year scholarships ... That’s a lot of help that they (Adam and Ida Deck) have given to the youth of the community here ... This is a chance to learn a career — one that is interesting to you. That is a real blessing. I’m happy for you that you will have this opportunity.”

The scholarships are subsidized through proceeds from the Adam and Ida Deck Fund. This fund was established by Adam and Ida Deck, who were former residents of the village of Hennepin, for the purpose of promoting educational and recreational activities.

Each year the first-place college scholarship consists of $1,200, while the second place consists of $1,000. Each of these scholarships is given for each of the four years that the recipient attends college. These scholarships are intended to help defray the costs of tuition, room and board, fees and other necessary expenses of college. These scholarships may be used in addition to any other financial aid the student may earn.

The Hennepin Village Board selects a scholarship committee annually. This committee reviews all applications and reports to the board the names of the applicants. Members of the committee are Steve Johnson, Mary Gilbert, Debbie Urnikis, Gilbert Tonozzi and Teresa Clausen.

Source: Putnam County Record