Recreational Vehicles Reminder

The Village of Hennepin would like to remind all golf cart and UTV owners to register their vehicles if they haven’t already done so. Registration fee is $25, which is good for three years.

The Village Board is also advising golf cart and UTV owners to follow the guidelines set forth by Ordinance #512-A, Regulating the Operation Of Certain Vehicles within the Village of Hennepin, which in summary, states that all operators of afore mentioned vehicles be at least 16 years of age and a licensed driver, with parents of an underaged operator being subject to penalties imposed by this ordinance.

In addition, front and rear lights are required to be on at all times when vehicle is being operated. Another reminder that the vehicle may carry only the number of passengers for which vehicle is designed.

In addition, driving recreational vehicles on High St., Fourth St. and Sixth St. (north of High St.) is prohibited except as a crossway.

For a complete list of guidelines for your golf carts and UTVs, please view Ordinance #512-A.