Youth Can Play Under Lights in Hennepin

The Hennepin Village Board granted permission Wednesday to the youth to play under the lights at the baseball diamond until 10 p.m. three nights a week.

Austin Biagini, on behalf of several school students, asked the board to consider letting them play that late.

“We're just trying to have fun, get some baseball in,” he said.

The board did place one restriction on the request – any music that is played at the diamond must not contain profanity. The extended nights of baseball will end once school starts, the board said.

The board approved a solicitation ordinance that will require anyone selling anything in village limits to first register as a solicitor with the Putnam County Sheriff's Department.

Earlier this year, Sheriff Kevin Doyle pitched the idea at the county level, saying it would allow residents one way to check out if a solicitor appeared to be legitimate. He also extended an invitation to the municipalities in the county to adopt the ordinance.

Source: News Tribune