Judge Scott Shore Looks Back

Announcing his upcoming retirement from his position at 10th Judicial Circuit Judge, Scott Shore said he's leaving the position with mixed feelings.

"My career on the bench has been rewarding, not only with the recognitions but with the sheer number of opportunities to ply my trade," said Shore. "As the subject has come up over the years, one thought that has come up is, for those of us who love the responsibility of interpretation of the laws of our society, we enjoy the challenge of applying that interpretation to the benefit of everyone.

"If you like practicing law, then the more the better. The best place to get more is as a judge," Shore said. "Each week brought new cases, each with its own challenges and each one required an accurate interpretation of the law."

Although Shore will officially step down on Nov. 30, 2014, he's not planning on a full retirement yet.

"I've got 15 months to get used to the idea of retirement from the bench. I do want to get back to private practice," Shore said. "I love private practice. It gives you a chance to help people through the legal system that a judge can't do."

As an active civic volunteer, Shore has taken care of many responsibilities during his "off" hours, which often lasted through the night. With his judicial duties winding down, there will be more time to take care of those responsibilities.

"I don't like to leave things undone. You rest when the work is done, not before," said Shore. "The hardest adjustment will be going back to managing my own schedule. The pleasant adjustment is more sleep."

Source: Putnam County Record