Hennepin Board OKs Fireworks Budget, Tax Levy

Hennepin Village Board this week approved a $14,000 fireworks budget, the same spent as this year on the show. The village will make its order soon.

“I think we get a break if we pay in advance,” said mayor Kevin Coleman.

Village trustee Matt Dean said some possible donors may be contacted for financial assistance.

* Dean asked if the village can purchase, or have streets superintendent Tim Rylko create, bent and welded metal-frames for Christmas lights in shapes such as Christmas trees to allow the village to have more lights for less money than mass produced decorations.

* The board approved the tax levy for 2014. “We are not going to raise taxes this year on the village of Hennepin,” Coleman said. He said he hopes that provides some relief because the school and college are seeking more taxes.

* The board approved $100 donations to Youth Service Bureau, Illinois Valle Public Action to Deliver Shelter and Horizon House.

Source: News Tribune