Fire Calls Roll in During Putnam County Power Outage

Numerous emergency calls were received in Putnam County shortly after power went out Wednesday night.

Deputies were dispatched just after 8:30 p.m. about the power lines that went down just north of Granville near the trailer court, according to Putnam County Emergency Management Agency coordinator Bob Cofoid.

Later, Granville Fire Department responded to report of sparking fuse box at the BP gas station in Granville. Next was fire at Cargill Grain located just south of Spring Valley in Putnam County, Cofoid reported.

Standard, Granville, Hennepin and Spring Valley departments responded. Next was a residence with an “electrical smell in Standard,” with Standard Fire responding. About 40 minutes later Hennepin Fire responded to a smoke investigation at a residence in Hennepin. There were no reported injuries.

Standard fire chief Mike Skowera said the BP, Cargill and Standard residence calls came within minutes of each other. Since Granville already was responding to BP, Standard was the first to arrive at Cargill. When the department arrived, flames were visible in an outbuilding control room, he said.

“We were there until close to midnight,” he said.

Because the county uses auto aid, not mutual aid, response time is better.
“I’d just like to stress that auto aid is a wonderful deal. It gets more boots on the ground and you get there faster,” Skowera said.

Hennepin under boil order
Due to the power outage in Hennepin that affected the water department a boil order is in effect until Friday.

Source: News Tribune