Deck Scholarships Awarded at Hennepin Village Board Meeting

Image courtesy of the Putnam County Record
The Hennepin Village Board started its April 16 meeting by announcing the winners of the Deck Scholarships. The scholarships are subsidized through proceeds of the Adam and Ira Deck Fund for the purpose of promoting educational and recreational activities. Although the Decks had no children of their own, they believed in the importance of education for Hennepin students.

“Since 1974 when this grant began, 88 students have received money from the grant,” Regional Office of Education Superintendent Phyllis Glazier said. “I want to commend the winners for the work they’ve done the last four years to earn this scholarship and for committing yourself to college.”

The first place winner of the Deck Scholarships is Alicia Mallery, daughter of David and Denise Mallery. She will receive $1,200 each year for the next four years to help defray college costs. Mallery will attend Illinois Valley Community College and plans to attend the University of Illinois in Champaign to study counseling.

The second-place winner is Nathan Ward, son of David and Debbie Ward. He will receive $1,000 each year for the next four years to help with his college expenses. Ward will be attending Drake University where he will study business.

Congratulations Alicia and Nathan!!

Source: Putnam County Record