'Pharmaceutical' to Grow in Hennepin?

Just days after the Putnam County Board gave permission for a zoning change which is expected to bring a sand transloading business to the county, the Hennepin Village Board heard Wednesday that another business is considering Hennepin.

Hennepin village board president Kevin Coleman said he has been in discussion with someone who wants to purchase property with the intention of setting up a “pharmaceutical facility.” Coleman said he will begin initiating a zoning change for an area of land which includes the former Modern Hard Chrome business on Power Plant Road.

The property, which is now zoned residential, will have to be changed to conservation for the business to locate there, he said. Coleman said there is no objection from the three neighbors in that proximity.

To start, if the business locates there, approximately 20 “living-wage” jobs are expected, he said.

“They’re very reputable people,” he said.

When asked after the meeting, Coleman said the interested party does not live in Putnam County.

The board will vote on the rezoning at a later date.

Source: News Tribune