Rail Official Says Sand Facility Will Keep Line Open

Representatives from Shale Energy Services, which is interested in building a sand transloading facility in Granville, and Norfolk Southern Railroad spoke Tuesday with the Granville Village Board about what it could expect from the proposed facility.

Attorney Jim Andreoni said the facility will have perimeter fencing.

“There’s not going to be any stadium-type lighting,” he said.

The facility, which is expected to have 26 direct jobs when it is at full operation, was given the green-light by the Putnam County Board on Monday when it unanimously approved rezoning a section of land to allow for the facility.

It will be located near Dollar General on County Road 1300 E. in Granville. The property will be adjacent to the railroad, which will be used to haul the product.

This project is important for Putnam County because it gives the railroad a reason to justify the expense of maintaining the railroad tracks, which dead-end in Hennepin, Herbert Smith of Norfolk Southern told the board. The business from the sand transloading facility will turn this into an income-producing line, he said.

Source: News Tribune