Hennepin Talks Park Renovations

Street repairs, ordinances and elections were on the agenda at the monthly Hennepin Village Board meeting Oct. 15.

The board held a discussion on the plans to replace the crumbling base around the cannon which is on display at Walter Durley Boyle Park. The cannon was made at the West Point Foundry between 1859 and 1861. There are no records as to how the village of Hennepin came into possession of the cannon.

Village Mayor Kevin Coleman informed the board the Hennepin Business and Betterment Association was willing to help pay for the renovations of the base of the display.

“We’ve talked with them, and they are going to help fund rebuilding the cannon and the area around it. One of the thoughts on how to do this is have a granite base instead of the concrete block that has been there in the past,” Coleman said.

Coleman explained that the granite base would be 6,000 pounds and will hold up better than a concrete base. The Hennepin Business and Betterment Association has chosen the granite with the understanding they would donate $3,000 to the project. The granite will cost $4,700. Plans are also underway to create some sort of plaque to denote information about the memorial. There will also be a 5- to 6-foot walking area around the planned memorial. The cost of the concrete walking area may run about $1,000.

Village trustee Quentin Buffington explained to the board in more detail about the Hennepin Business and Betterment Association donation.

“It’s a 50 percent donation up to $3,000,” Buffington said.

Buffington went on to explain the thoughts of the Hennepin Business and Betterment Association.

“Currently when you are in the park and look at the Veterans Memorial, you look at the back side of it. The only way to access the memorial is to walk through a parking area to get to it. The thought is to use this cannon and this project as an anchor to moving the Veterans Memorial to a new location that would be more suitable,” Buffington said.

The board approved to use up to $7,000 on the cannon project out of the park maintenance fund.

In other news, the board:

• Heard the village’s annual trick or treat event would be on Oct. 31 at Walter Durley Boyle Park. Hot dogs, chips and drinks will be served starting at 5 p.m. The parade will start shortly before trick or treat hours, which will be from 6 to 8 p.m.

• Amended the village’s subdivision ordinance to include a rule that all future subdivisions will have their utilities put in underground in the village.

• Coleman also announced three village trustee positions are open. Petitions are available for interested parties at the village hall.

• Hennepin Business and Betterment Association will hold a food drive on Nov. 8. Village residents are asked to put their donated items in a bag and leave it outside their front door.

Source: Putnam County Record