Putnam County Record Office to Close Nov. 26

We at the Putnam County Record have made the difficult decision to close the Granville office, effective Nov. 26.

There was a time when all the processes necessary for producing the Record were completed at the Granville office. Since the purchase nearly two years ago, all of those processes are now completed at the Bureau County Republican location in Princeton.

For the past year we have had the office open three hours a day. Six months ago, we started tracking the traffic to the office. It wasn’t surprising we averaged only five customers on a weekly basis. The majority of those customers’ needs could be satisfied over the phone or online.

There are those who will say by closing the office that we don’t have a commitment to the community. We understand that sentiment, but we are no different than any other business as we look to allocate our resources to publish the very best newspaper we can. Money spent on an office that no one uses is not a very sound business decision. However allocating those resources to better the product is.

We look forward to continuing to provide our readers with the best that we can offer.

Source: Putnam County Record