Fire Departments Warn About Holiday, Candle Decoration Danger

Hennepin, Mendota and Peru are among the fire departments keeping track of holiday fires in a very public way this season through the Keep the Wreath Red campaign to promote holiday safety.

On the side of the Hennepin fire stations is a wreath with 25 red lights on it. If a a fire occurs during the season, a light will change from red to white.

“We are changing them for a structure fire, in a house or business,” said Hennepin firefighter Quentin Buffington.

The fire department is encouraging everyone to stay vigilant during this holiday season and keep all the lights red.

Peru’s wreath is in front of its station, and Mendota’s will be lit at 610 Main St.

If the department responds to a holiday-related incident such as a fire directly caused by holiday decorations or an injury due to a holiday-related accident, then a red bulb will be replaced with a white bulb. The lights will serve as a visual reminder to residents to take extra precautions during the holiday season.

The fire department also notes there is an increased danger of fire during the holidays. Careless use of candles can lead to injuries and fires. Residents also need to know the use of wreaths, trees and other decorations can contribute to the speed and size of winter fires. Dry air and auxiliary heating also can contribute to the rise in fires and injuries during this season.

Source: News Tribune