Prosecutor Elected Judge, Examining Law to See What's Next

With Jim Mack’s election to the bench, the Putnam County State’s Attorney position is open.

Monday’s Putnam County Board meeting allowed Mack to explain the process of choosing a new state’s attorney, but left as many questions as answers.

According to Mack, once the election results are certified and he submits his resignation, the county board has three days to notify the central committee of the political parties, who will then make recommendations to fill the position. The county board then has 60 days to approve the appointment made by the county chairman.

Mack could not answer the questions Monday night about timing. He wasn’t sure when the vacancy of the position, and therefore the ability to appoint a new state’s attorney, happened when the resignation was submitted, or when he is sworn in as judge.

Mack also wasn’t sure if the current board would be doing the appointing, or if it would have to wait until the new board is sworn in on Dec 1.

“It’s (the answer) is not clear from the statute,” Mack said.

He said he believed he would have the answers to the board by the beginning of next week. Until that time the state’s attorney job will remain a mystery.

Source: News Tribune