Students' Safety Plans Earn Ride to School in Fire Truck

Image courtesy of the News Tribune
The third, fourth and fifth grades at the Hennepin Elementary school were asked to participate in a contest to win a ride to school in a fire truck.

During Fire Safety week the students were given a paper and asked to draw a diagram of their house, showing two exits from each room, where smoke detectors were in their home, and the safe meeting place for them and their family if there was ever a fire. There was one winner and one honorable mention from each grade level.

Quentin Buffington, public information officer for Hennepin Fire Department, said he and chief Daryel Petersen went through and checked each entry to make sure they met the qualifications and then the other officers of the department chose the winners of each group.

“We took the names off so it would be fair,” Buffington said.

The parents were notified of the win, but asked to keep it a secret from their children so they would be surprised when the fire truck showed up at their house for the trip to school.

Nathan Husser, son of John and Mary Husser of McNabb, was the third-grade winner. He is in Chelsi Straughn’s class and enjoys recess, math, and wants to be a professional baseball player when he grows up. This was his first time riding in a fire truck. Husser said his dad helped him with his diagram.

Ryan Migliorini, son of Mike and Angie Migliorini of Granville, was the fourth-grade winner. He is in Amy Schultz’s class and says PE is his favorite class. Migliorini got help with his escape plan from his dad. Migliorini wants to be in the Navy when he grows up, and has also never ridden in a fire truck.

Fifth-grade winner Erin Brooker has won the contest three times now, in third, fourth, and fifth grades. She said she did it by herself. Booker is the daughter of Jim and Sue Brooker of Granville. She is in Becky Boudreau’s class where her favorite subject is science. She wants to be a vet when she grows up.

Once the kids reached the school, an assembly was held in their honor. During the assembly, Buffington and Petersen went over the important information that was learned during fire safety week: dial 911 in an emergency, check your smoke detectors once a month, crawl low under smoke if you are in a burning building, and to stop, drop, cover, and roll if your clothes are ever on fire.

Each winning student also received a Casey’s gift card. Honorable mentions were Emelia Grant, Samantha Cirilo, and Molly Roach. The honorable mentions each received a gift certificate to Subway.

Source: News Tribune