Witnesses Appear Over Skype in Putnam County Court

Image courtesy of the News Tribune
The oldest courthouse in the state is using some of the newest technology when it comes to trying misdemeanor cases.

Five cases were seen with the defendants appearing in court over Skype on Thursday in Putnam County's 175-year-old courthouse.

State’s Attorney Jim Mack said this was the first case in the state with witnesses called remotely via Skype.

All defendants signed a waiver to appear, making it clear that they allowed the attorney to appear for them in court, and they would personally appear only online.

“I created an in-depth waiver and went over it with my clients,” said attorney Jeff Hall.

All defendants were represented by Hall.

The five Skype cases were all misdemeanor drug charges stemming from the police presence in the county before and after the Summer Camp music festival in Chillicothe this spring.

Jason Hill of Bellville, Mich., was the first official Skype defendant.

Hill pleaded guilty to a Class B misdemeanor cannabis charge, and was sentenced to six months’ court supervision and a $2,600 fine.

Source: News Tribune