Hennepin Tradition: Firefighters Deliver Cookies to Seniors

Image courtesy of the News Tribune
The firemen of Hennepin Fire Department donned their Keebler Elf suits again this year and whipped up 2,200 cookies in total to give to Hennepin area senior citizens.

The fire department will pass out the cookies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

“People are looking forward to it when we show up,” said Quentin Buffington, public information officer.

“The people, especially at Hazel Marie Boyle homes, are ready for us. By the last apartment, the chair is pulled out, and the coffee is on, waiting for us to sit down and chat,” said Matt Dean, firefighter and chef. “We also get to find out information about people’s lives — if someone is sick or broke a hip, or is living with a relative.”

The fire department also tries to help people when they deliver. Neil Buffington, captain and first responder in the department, said, “When I deliver, I ask if they need anything, if their smoke detector batteries need to be checked or changed.”

The 2,200 total cookies came from families of the firefighters, donations from the Hennepin Park District and Hennepin Methodist Church, and the 1,000 made at the fire station. Quentin, and Neil Buffington, Dean, chief Daryel Petersen, Quincy Buffington, Drew Sabotta and his son Beau, Dave Loger and Dan Zilm all helped at the station.

Source: News Tribune