Putnam County Board Makes History

Putnam County made history at a special meeting Saturday when it appointed Christina (Judd) Mennie to replace Jim Mack as the state’s attorney. Mennie is the first woman to hold the position.

Mack, who has just been elected to the bench in the 10th Judicial District, had tendered his resignation at an earlier time.

Mennie will be sworn in today with all of the other newly elected officials.

“I am honored that the Putnam County Board has placed this trust in me and I pledge to do my best in representing the citizens of Putnam County,” she said. “I intend to work closely with the board and law enforcement so that together we will continue to provide a safe and just environment for our communities.”

EMA director: Before appointing the new state’s attorney, the board filled the open Emergency Management Agency director’s position vacated by John Ehrhardt earlier in the year. Bob Cofoid, the interm EMA director, was officially appointed to the job.

The board had interviewed both Cofoid and Quentin Buffington for the position.

Board Member Sandra Woest said, “Both men had a very real dedication to serving the people of Putnam County.”

In other business:
The board passed the fiscal year 2015 budget and a 5 percent or $1.6 million tax levy. Kim Bird, representative from Arch Hopkins and Associates accounting firm, reported the counties EAV has gone up.

The EAV, or equalized assessed valuation, is most simply defined as the taxable value of your home or business property.

The board also passed the updated policies and procedures for the county.

This update includes the change in working hours for county offices, and will take effect on Dec 1.
End of an era: Chantelle Biagi-Bruer said her goodbyes to the board after serving for 12 years.

Board Chairman Duane Calbow thanked both her, and exiting board member Sandra Woest, for their service to the board and the people of Putnam County.

Source: News Tribune