Top Posts of 2014

Enjoy these top-visited stories on the Village of Hennepin website during 2014! Data was compiled from Google Analytics.

Village of Hennepin Top Posts of 2014
Starting with #10...

10. Illinois Chamber Hires Hahn as Director of Communications

9. Hennepin Man Helps Turn Around Struggling Restaurants

8. Hennepin Steel Mill Sold

7. Halloween Activities in Hennepin

6. Hennepin Power Plant Fire Forces Unit 2 Off

5. Thousands Expected in Hennepin for 4th of July, Courthouse Anniversary

4. 4th of July Celebration in Hennepin

3. Army Wife Honored for Memorial Walk

2. Alcohol Sting Touches Five Putnam County Businesses

And the most-visited story from 2014 was...

1. Remembering Eric Ciucci

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