Hennepin Village Board Turns Attention Outdoors

All things outdoors were they main discussion items at the Hennepin Village Board meeting Wednesday.

Steve Staley will take over as the baseball and softball coordinator this year. He presented his budget of $10,950 to the board. It was approved, along with the formation of a baseball committee, comprised of village board member Quentin Buffington, Staley, and local citizen Nancy Mattingly.

Staley also brought some issues to the board. There are some low-hanging limbs at both fields near the elementary school, and there currently is no electricity or water to the bathrooms or field used by the high school baseball team.

Mayor Kevin Coleman said he was aware of the limbs and he had spoken to Mattingly Tree Service. Mattingly had advised he would get them trimmed as soon as the ground hardened enough to get a truck to them. Coleman also directed Tim Rylko of the street department to turn on water and check on electrical issues at the park.

Staley also told the board the concession stand near the diamonds was in ill repair. The board already had OK’d a $14,000 replacement building last year, but it had not been built. Buffington will look in to the problem.

Colors for Arie

The board heard from Carol Miller, organizer of the third annual color run, Colors for Arie. The run, which takes place each year in Hennepin on Saturday, May 23, is in memory of Miller’s daughter, Arie Boggio. This year the proceeds will be split between a local family and Community Partners Against Substance Abuse. Coleman told Miller the village would help in whatever way possible as the event approached.

Façade program

Board member Matt Dean discussed a proposed façade improvement program. The program would allow for matching funds, up to a certain dollar amount, for the façade improvement of town businesses. The board will look in to it further and discuss it at the next meeting.

Source: News Tribune