Men and Women Train for River Rescue Scenario

Image courtesy of the News Tribune
Bureau and Putnam County Emergency Management Agencies held a table top drill, the first of a three part training event, this week at the Putnam County EMA building.

“The idea with the table top is, it’s a quicker, two-hour drill, and they (emergency personnel) talk about how they are going to respond,” said Bureau County EMA director Keenan Campbell.

The drill centers on an Illinois River water rescue.

“We go through a list of events, and then in a few months, we’ll do a ‘functional’ that builds on this one,, followed by a full-scale in the fall,” Campbell said.

The training is designed to help the responders see where improvements could be made and to get them thinking about different scenario responses.

All Putnam County fire departments, as well as those from the river side of Bureau County, and Putnam County and 10/33 Ambulance services, police officers, dispatchers, and river rescue members attended the training. The next exercise will be June 24.

Source: News Tribune