Colors for Arie 5K Raises Funds for Prescription-Drug Incinerator

Image courtesy of the News Tribune
Colors flew for the third year as more than 100 participants ran the Colors for Arie 5K in Hennepin on ­Saturday, but the fundraiser to battle prescription-drug abuse had a more urgent cause than previous years.

The event proceeds this year will go to Community Partners Against Substance Abuse and the Ciucci family. CPASA will use the proceeds to purchase an incinerator to destroy old, unused prescription drugs turned in by people in Bureau and Putnam counties.

“CPASA does a Take Back Day for prescription drugs, and we have ongoing boxes that are available in six locations across Bureau and Putnam Counties at the police stations and two sheriff’s offices,” said Dawn Conerton of CPASA.

She said the Drug Enforcement Agency used to collect and destroy the pills; it no longer has the program. The incinerator costs about $10,000 and will be housed at Princeton Police department.

The annual event is in honor of Arie Boggio, a Hennepin teen who committed suicide using prescription drugs. Previous years’ proceeds have gone to Living Works Suicide Prevention Walk as well as CPASA.

CPASA will purchase the incinerator using funds from events such as Colors for Arie and CPASA’s own event in August.

“We’ve been doing the take back day since July 210, and we’ve collected almost 8,000 pounds of drugs,” said Conerton. “When we say we need an incinerator, we do.”

“We’re very greatful for everyone that helps with Colors for Arie, and we’re extremely grateful for Carol (Miller, Arie Boggio’s mother),” Conerton said.

“That (prescription drugs) is what Arie died of,” said Miller. “It (the incinerator) will get rid of them safely, and it will give families a way of disposing of them so they aren’t sitting around the house.”

There were an estimated 100 pre-registrants and 100 more registered on the day of the event. All participants had the opportunity to purchase a shirt and to get sprayed with colored chalk at six color stations as they ran the race.

Source: News Tribune