Putnam County Courthouse to Get New Wiring

The Putnam County Board voted Monday night to have Connecting Point Computer Centers map and label the Internet wiring throughout the courthouse.

The board agreed to the $4,350 bid brought by county treasurer Kevin Kunkel from Connecting Point to map the current wiring and replace a 24-port switch with a recommended 48-port switch. The offices in the courthouse have been having some issues with Internet. Some offices, including the state’s attorney’s office, are currently running on a separate switch.

The board also told Kunkel to find out how much additional wiring, if any, would need to be run to connect the state’s attorney’s office directly to the new port.

Kunkel was directed to get board chairman Duane Calbow’s approval for the possibly additional wires after finding out a total.

Kunkel also presented the totals for the county accounts. He made note of the smaller amount of sales tax income for the county this year versus last year, but attributed the difference to the lower cost of fuel, currently at almost half the price per gallon from last year.

The board approved the annual prevailing wage rates.

Rethinking body cameras
Board member Luke Holly asked sheriff Kevin Doyle about the possibility of the sheriff’s department using body cams in the near future. Doyle told the board the current state legislature does not allow law enforcement to video or audio tape any actions, except for traffic stops, without notification. Doyle said he believed the cameras would be waste of taxpayer money until laws change.

Property tax bills were mailed out and installments are due June 1 and Sept. 1. Kunkel said many people had already paid portions of their bill.

Hogs: County Zoning Officer Jim Burger is working with State’s Attorney Christina (Judd) Mennie to give a special use permit for a family-run small-scale hog farm. Special use permits have been granted in the past to family-run farms, but new legislation has changed the permitting process.

Turbines: Burger also informed the board he had been approached about a possible wind energy farm.

A bridge on the Bottom Road from Route 89 was downgraded to a weight limit for no more than an M-2 truck.

A special meeting will be held on Friday by Putnam County Board to discuss and possibly vote on the change in fees for jury members and joining the regional economic group.

Mike Richetta of rural Granville will take the place of retiring Standard Fire trustee Alan Aimone for a three-year term.

Signs, signs...
The board approved the $70,500 bid from MD Solutions of Ohio to provide the county and municipalities with newly mandated traffic signs. The signs and posts will be delivered to each facility, and one year’s time is allowed for installation.

Source: News Tribune