Hennepin Property Maintenance Officer Seeks Method for Filing Complaints

Village property maintenance officer Josh Randall told the Hennepin Village Board of an issue with the first-come first-serve rule in the park shelters and asked the board to look in to ways of handling double bookings. Randall also asked the village to come up with a way for citizens to file formal, signed ordinance violation complaints. Board member Matt Dean will return to the next meeting with a possible solution.

The Putnam County Historical Society will receive a $50 donation. Both the PCEMS and the Bureau Fire Department will get a $250 donation for their help in the upcoming Fourth of July Celebration.

Village engineer Bill Shafer reported some estimates on upcoming street and alley improvements. He will also look into a fix for water sitting on Fourth Street near Market, and also water in a field by Locust Street.

There will be one more street sweeping before the Fourth of July celebration  ... Dean asked citizens to be wary of unknown contractors in town after the storms that came through last week. ... The Veterans Memorial dedication will be moved from the Fourth of July to Veterans Day to give an adequate amount of time to make sure the memorial is done to the highest standard.

Source: News Tribune