Hennepin Cancer Relay Team Selling Coffee Cake, Treats

Team Hennepin, a Relay for Life team captained by Betty Dean, is again holding a Butterbraid coffee cake/cookie sale, with orders to be turned in by Oct. 16. The frozen coffee cakes and cookie dough will be delivered on Friday, Nov. 6, in time for the holidays.

Items selling for $12 include apple. Bavarian cream/chocolate icing; blueberry cream cheese, caramel rolls; cherry, cinnamon, cream cheese, raspberry, and strawberry cream cheese for coffee cakes, and the following cookies, M&M cookie bits, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodles and white chocolate macadamia nut. The newest flavor of coffee cake is double chocolate, and it will be sold for $13.

Coffee cakes are 22 oz. and serve 11 people. Cookie dough is 2 pounds or 32 cookies.

Available for $13 are four apple dumplings, which include a whole apple surrounded by flaky dough, topped with a sweet cinnamon sauce; and a 22 oz pumpkin roll, a pinwheel made from scratch with cream cheese filling and confectioner’s sugar, both of which can be thawed and served. New this year are the oatmeal, cranberry, white chunk cookies, which sell for $12.

A new incentive this year is the “All American Tri-pack, which includes an apple, cherry and cinnamon coffee cake; and the “Cream Cheese Lovers Tri-Pack”, which includes a blueberry cream cheese, a strawberry cream cheese and a cream cheese coffee cake, each for $34.

Orders can be placed by calling Chairwoman Linda DeMattia at (815)-488-1026 or any team member. Team members include: Betty Dean, captain; Nita O’Neil, Kirsten Augspols, Nancy O’Connor, Ila Weddell, Lindsay Cattani, Sandy Hrasch and Gerry Skowronski, all of Hennepin, and Tim and Kathy Zens of Granville.

Source: News Tribune