Fourth Grade Putnam County Elementary History Trip

Image courtesy of the Putnam County Record
Fourth-grade students from Putnam County Elementary School took part in field trips.

Students in Amy Schultz’s traveled to the courthouse. Being in the Putnam County Courthouse was a great learning experience. The fourth graders walked by many different offices and went upstairs to get to the courtroom. Circuit clerk Cathy Oliveri picked students to play out the jobs of people at a trial, like the judge, jury and lawyers. Next, students went to the sheriff’s department. Sheriff Kevin Doyle showed the students where all the 911 calls come in. The screen showed where the calls came from. Students saw the fingerprint scanner, and went to the garage and saw a police car.

Val Peterson’s fourth-grade class went to the Pulsifer House. The fourth graders enjoyed visiting the Pulsifer House, an historical home in Hennepin. The ladies’ parlor had a picture made out of human hair that was extraordinary. The men’s parlor had very pretty couches and chairs. Upstairs, the bedroom was full of historical items. The bed had ropes that held stuffed mattresses and quilts. The thunder bucket was what people used at night when they needed to go to the bathroom. Mannequins had on the clothes that people wore back in the early 1900s. At the end, fourth graders went down the narrow and curvy servants’ stairs to leave.

Debbie Ward’s fourth-grade class visited the Ag Museum. At the Ag Museum in Hennepin, Sidney Whitaker talked to the fourth graders and showed them old historical pieces of value like tractors and other equipment. The two-headed calf was an unusual sight to end the trip.

Source: Putnam County Record