Boughs of Hennepin Holly

Village Board of Trustees Prepare for the Holiday Season

The Hennepin Village Board met Wednesday, Nov. 18, and discussed matters pertinent to the village and how to properly decorate the community with the spirit of Christmas.

Village President Kevin Coleman said he has been doing a lot of walking the last few weeks and has noticed some of the sidewalks in town are in rough shape, so he voiced his plan to speak with the street department about possible improvement to areas with the greatest damage.

Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Randall discussed leaf burning in his property maintenance report, citing complaints from residents about people burning later than they should. He noted that’s obviously going to happen this time of the year, and it’s more of an education opportunity through conversation than people blatantly irritating their neighbors.

Coleman said a tax levy is coming up on the community sewer project, and a finance committee meeting was schedule for Monday, Nov. 23, to look at the cost of a new commercial truck among other things. Trustee Quentin Buffington said replacing a large truck could cost close to $200,000, but Coleman is hopeful a quality used truck can be found on the market much cheaper.

Coleman spoke of an agreement with Dimond Brothers for community insurance, with an overall rate increase of 5.6 percent, which he commented was actually not too drastic. Adjusters came out to reevaluate everything and provide updated values on different properties.

Trustee Matt Dean said an appreciation dinner will likely take place at Chapel Hill Golf Course in the near future, with guests encouraged to bring a donation for the food pantry if they are planning on attending.

Buffington indicated a concession stand at the Hennepin baseball diamond is in the works and will be a turn key metal building with multiple roll up doors. He indicated the cost of the building will be $8,835, and it will be “about as maintenance free as we can get.”

Buffington said on Saturday, Nov. 28, man lifts are being brought into town to assist with adorning large trees in town with technicolor sparkle, and added volunteers willing to help will be welcomed.

He said the Christmas decorations in town are starting to get very old, as he recently experienced crumbling tinsel while examining decorations to the park entrance. They are looking into a Christmas committee where a five-year plan could be organized on how to viably brighten and update the decorations.

Source: Putnam County Record