Hennepin Ethanol Plant Reaches 1 Billion Gallons

On Thursday Marquis Energy celebrated reaching the milestone of 1 billion gallons of ethanol production. Marquis is a leading producer of corn-based ethanol and its co-products, including distillers’ grains and corn oil.

The north unit of the facility began production April 20, 2008.

With continuous operational enhancements to improve production efficiency made by the team at Marquis, Marquis was able to hit this milestone in 7½ years.

“We are proud of the team here at Marquis Energy to have produced over a billion gallons of renewable fuels throughout the past 7½ years,” said Jason Marquis, vice president.

“This accomplishment highlights the hard work and dedication of our team, which contributes to our local farm economy, and also the world’s energy markets. The production of fuels from renewable sources strengthens our national security, is a cost effective oxygenate for fuel, and has lower greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline.”

The total facility capacity is expected to surpass 300 million gallons per year when the south unit comes online in the coming weeks.

Marquis anticipates reaching the 2-billion-gallon milestone by 2020.

Marquis leverages strategic location and technical innovations to operate as one of the leaders in the ethanol industry.

Source: News Tribune