Village Seeks to Replace 30-Year-Old Truck

During the Hennepin Village Board meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 16, the board approved a tax levy ordinance. This levy will raise taxes 5 percent, minimum, according to village president Kevin Coleman. This will increase revenue by an estimated $4,020 over the year. It was figured by using an average value of $100,000 for the approximately 300 homes in Hennepin, which works out to an increase of roughly $15 per home, according to Coleman.

Putnam County deputy Josh Randall shared information about Henry’s electronic miles per hour sign and the benefits Hennepin could obtain by having one within the village. According to Randall, the signs not only help promote safer driving, but also track information regarding traffic patterns. Maintained by the public works department, Randall believed the signs cost between $2,000 to $4,000.

The board discussed the need to replace the village’s 30-year-old International dump truck. Purchasing a used truck was discussed, but concerns were raised that doing so would result in acquiring someone else’s problem truck. It was agreed to continue to research purchasing a new truck.

“I know we brought this up last month, but suddenly the truck is a problem now; we need to be a little bit more proactive with our equipment moving forward and have a plan in place. We can’t just all of a sudden, in a budget year, say we’re going to spend $160,000 on a new truck,” said board member Quentin Buffington.

“I think for four years I’ve brought up that we’ve needed a new truck. I don’t know how much more proactive I can get,” said Coleman.

The board discussed altering the frequency of lawn services from Spring Green within the village parks.

The board also approved a donation of $100 each to Freedom House and the Voluntary Action Center.

Source: Putnam County Record