Getting Old Records From Putnam County Will Get Easier

Getting old records from the Putnam County Circuit Clerk is about to get a little bit easier.

Circuit Clerk Cathy Oliveri got approval from the board Monday night to allow Family Search to digitally scan all of the old records in her office for search on their website.

The circuit clerk’s office, as well as Putnam County Historical Society would get a digital copy of the records.

While the entire copy cannot be placed online or given to an individual, per the agreement, it will help with searching for specific records, which can then be printed by the circuit clerk’s office if requested.

Currently, searching for a specific record can take a private citizen as long as a day to find, during which time an employee from the office has to stay with the record.

This digital imaging will alleviate that time, Oliveri said.

Family Search is an international genealogical organization run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Other news:

* A resolution for a culvert replacement in Magnolia Township that will cost the county approximately $25,000 passed, as well as resolutions for state gasoline tax-funded maintenance and MFT funds for the county engineer’s salary, as required by Illinois Department of Transportation.

* Judd Construction of Hennepin won the bid for the EMA building roof replacement for $23,850.

* Matthew Holmbeck of Hennepin was appointed to Putnam County Zoning Board of Appeals for a three-year term.

Source: News Tribune