Auditor: Sales Tax Down But County OK

Putnam County is in good financial standing, according to auditor Kim Bird of Hopkins and Associates.

Bird appeared in front of the Putnam County Board this week to review the findings of the most recent audit. Bird said even though sales tax revenue was down $180,000, the county’s financial position was solid, and with no debt, and lowered expenses, the board should not have any major issues in the near future.

Bird did report as of the end of November 2015, the state owed the county approximately $90,000.

State’s Attorney Christina (Judd) Mennie presented a possible plan to the board to help recoup some of the state’s owed money, suing the state for the money owed for the state’s attorney, pubic defender and assessor.

“St. Claire County filed suit against the state; it was the first county to do it to get the reimbursement for the state’s attorney, public defender, and assessor. They were successful,” Mennie said. “After the St. Clair decision came down, 10 more counties have filed suit.”

Earlier in the night county treasurer Kevin Kunkel told the board the state had paid the money owed for those positions through November, and as of press time, the state is current on those payments.

Source: News Tribune