Hennepin Awards Pair of Four Year Scholarships

Image courtesy of the News Tribune
The Hennepin Village board awarded the Adam and Ida Deck scholarship Nos. 91 and 92 Wednesday night at the board meeting, helping two more seniors from Hennepin and Hennepin Township attended college.

The Deck Scholarship, which started in 1974, gives $1,200 a year for first place and $1,000 a year for second, for four years to students, based on scholastic ability.

This year first place went to Lauren Bauer of rural Hennepin and second place was awarded to Ryan Friel of Hennepin.

Both Bauer and Friel will attend Iowa State University next year, with Bauer majoring in business management and Friel majoring in public relations.

The board also donated to local groups and charities, including $150 to the PC Community Center, $100 to the Special Olympics, $100 to American Red Cross, and $100 to the Marshall Putnam Fair Pageant.

The board also will donate $1,100 to Putnam County Educational Foundation on behalf of the Citizen of the Year.

The name of the citizen has not yet been announced.

Source: News Tribune