PC Board Decides no Further Hearings Needed for Hog Farm Expansion

After reviewing the plans, confirming with the Farm Bureau there were no issues or complaints, and a discussion with family hog farm owner Darren Brown, the Putnam County Board decided Monday, April 11, no further hearings were needed concerning an expansion of Brown’s farm.

Brown is planning on constructing an additional building adjacent to his existing facility and said he has met the requirements from the Department of Agriculture.

Brown said, “I was hoping in the future to do an expansion, but what really got me going quicker was that I have six kids. My daughter, who is a senior this year, has told me she wants to attend a community college and come back to work on the farm and with our livestock, and I want to do what I can to keep our kids interested in farming. She’ll help manage it, and she loves our animals. It’s great to see. The Department of Agriculture is very strict with what you’re doing and with your plans. We want to add to the value of the community, and we have taken the extra steps to make sure it will give the best impression to those passing our farm.”

Brown has an arrangement with a neighboring farm to dispose of the waste and says his nutrient management plan can be fulfilled on his own property if needed.

Putnam County Board Chairman Duane Calbow said, “You’ve met all the requirements and the State’s Attorney and Farm Bureau have reviewed the plan and we appreciate you being here to answer our questions. It’s good it’s a family thing, Putnam County is highly agricultural, and we have a hard time keeping our children here. This is a way for a family to stay together and help the community.”

Source: Putnam County Record