New Yard Waste Guidelines in Place

New yard waste guidelines are now in place. A site has been constructed at the south end of 2nd Street for Hennepin residents to deposit their yard waste (grass clippings and weeds) and tree trimmings (branches and twigs). All residents are asked to take care of their own yard waste and tree trimmings by depositing them at the site. The Street Department will continue to pick up limited amounts of debris from resident’s homes if they are deemed unable to move the debris themselves.

The Village requests that residents put their yard waste to the back of the containment to allow the area to fill up from back to front. This site is under video surveillance and citations will be issued promptly to anyone abusing the area by dumping restricted items.

  • No yard waste in plastic bags is permitted at the site.
  • Branches must be no longer than four feet.
  • In addition, this site is not intended for a dumping site for entire trees. Residents are responsible for hiring a tree service for removal of trees. The site is intended for smaller fallen branches or pruned branches only.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Hennepin Village Board of Trustees