Interest Again in Industrial Site at Hennepin?

Joni Hunt, executive director of the Illinois Valley Area Chamber of Commerce, met with the Hennepin Village Board Wednesday evening to update them on work that was done by IVAC in the first half of 2016.

“We have been extremely active this year,” Hunt said. “January through June we held over 34 events, which is more than ever before.”

Hunt described the events, along with giving success stories of two new businesses helped by IVAC in recent months. 

She also told the board about a possible industry opportunity looking at the Hennepin area.

“We had some folks from Deloitte come down (to the steel mill site).  We had a bunch of people from this area in a room, and we were doing our questions and answers with Deloitte,” Hunt said.  “We have now made it through the second round, which is very encouraging.”

Hunt said she also is working to get a short line railroad to the site, and encouraged the board to make decisions and set policy for the types of industry and incentives they want in the area. 

She also discussed the differences between IVAC and the new Economic Development Corp., saying the EDC markets for business, while IVAC helps those businesses open the doors.

Source: News Tribune