Life-Saving Weekend for PC Deputies

Image courtesy of the News Tribune
The deputies from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department spent the past weekend saving lives, of both people and pets.

Deputy Josh Randall was working the night shift Saturday into Sunday morning, when a call came in to 911 at 4:06 a.m. that a Steve Voss, 59, of Hennepin, had collapsed, and CPR was in progress.

Randall was able to arrive on scene within three minutes.

“Jolene (Steve’s wife) did a nice job, because if she had not started compressions, he wouldn’t have made it,” Randall said. “I was the first to arrive as a first responder, and I took over compressions. Within 15 compressions, he started gasping for breath.”

Randall said Hennepin Fire first responders also arrived on scene, and a defibrillator, provided by Deputy Jacob Bush, was used on Steve, with help from both the deputies and first responders. 

Voss is currently in St. Francis Medical Center, Peoria, in stable condition.

Besides helping to save Voss, Bush was involved in the potential life-saving measures of another Putnam County resident over the weekend.

Doug Hough, 63, of Putnam, took his nightly trip to work at the grain elevator Saturday evening.  Then he missed his usual call home. 

A few hours later, at approximately 11:45 p.m., when Hough still hadn’t returned home, his family called the sheriff’s office and Bush went to locate him.

“I went and looked over the property, but I couldn’t find him,” Bush said.

“Out in the distance I could see, with my flashlight, the reflection of a taillight, about 100 yards south of the entrance to the plant. When I got down there, I could see he was under the vehicle. He was banging on the bottom of the vehicle calling out for help.”

Bush said he was able to pull Hough, who it is believed had been pinned for four to six hours, out from under the vehicle and wait for first responders. 

Henry Fire Department and Henry Ambulance also responded to the call with Hough.
Hough is also currently in stable condition in Peoria.

PC Deputy saves dogs from trailer fire

Besides the people’s lives saved, Deputy Jacob Frund also saved the lives of two dogs from a Granville trailer fire Saturday afternoon.

A call to 911 sent the PC Sheriff’s Department, Granville, Standard and Hennepin fire departments, and PC EMS to the Oak Park Estate’s trailer park at 1:38 p.m., where Frund observed a van parked in front of the burning trailer. He was advised by a neighbor the van usually meant the occupant was at home, according to Putnam County Sherriff’s Department. 

Frund pounded on the door but was not able to make contact with anyone inside, kicked open the door to check for occupants, and found a dog inside. He was unable to move farther into the building because of heavy smoke, but saw another dog through an outside window. Frund then broke the window and was able to save the dog. 

No occupants were found to be inside the trailer. A state fire marshal’s investigator was called.  

Reports from Illinois Valley Animal Rescue indicate the dogs are currently there and available for adoption.

Source: News Tribune