Mennie Wins State's Attorney Race

Voters in Putnam County have chosen to keep Republican Christina Judd-Mennie as their state's attorney.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting and a total of 3,123 votes cast, Mennie was victorious with 65.9 percent of the votes. Mennie received 2,058 votes compared to Democrat Brad Popurella's 1,065 votes or 34.1 percent. These are unofficial results tabulated in Tuesday's general election.

Mennie said, "I am humbled by the results. I want to thank Brad Popurella, his family and constituents for running a campaign focusing on the issues and not on a personal basis. I also want to thank the people of Putnam County for their support and confidence in me."

Popurella said, "I thought it was a good clean race, and both campaigns were conducted with class. I tip my hat to her and have much respect for her, her family and her supporters. I wish her the best of luck."

Source: Putnam County Record