Putnam County Budget OK’d in 3-1 Vote

Putnam County Board held a special meeting Monday morning to wrap up final business before the end of the fiscal year on Nov. 30.

The board had been meeting to establish a budget for fiscal year 2017, but needed to speak with both county clerk Dan Kuhn and county treasurer Kevin Kunkel before and during the meeting about payments already made, and those to be made in the future, for the county’s new accounting software.

The board wanted to discuss payments out of the two offices’ budgets for annual fees, line items for the payments, as well as early pay-off of financed amounts to avoid interest fees.

After a suitable arrangement was made, where both offices would split the fees at an approximate amount of $3,500 apiece, and payments coming out of contingency funds, the board voted, 3-1, to pass the budget.

The lone “no” vote came from Willie Holmes, who said in the meeting he was voting no for his own personal reasons, ones he chose not to comment on further, when asked.


Bob Cofoid as death investigator for a term of four years.

Christina (Judd) Mennie, Dr. Shawn Bailey, Christine Fiedler, Rhonda Downey, and Toni Lawley, to the Bureau-Putnam Health Department Board for a term of three years.

The board also approved the annual tax levy to allow for collection of, at maximum, 4.9 percent more in property tax revenue than the previous year.

Source: News Tribune