Calbow Steps Aside to Break in New Chairman

There’s a new sheriff in town.

Well, a new board chairman anyway.

After 20-year Putnam County board member Duane Calbow declined the appointment to remain board chairman, Steve Malavolti accepted the honor, with the vice chairman position going to Luke Holly.

Malavolti and Holly are the newest members of the board.

After the meeting, Calbow said he declined the position he has held for 18 years to help prepare the board members for the future.

“I’m not probably going to be here forever, so it’s important the responsibility get shared,” Calbow said. “I’m still here, I’m still willing to help them (Malavolti and Holly) do whatever they have to do. I still love Putnam County. Nothing’s changed there ... I wouldn’t be doing them a favor if I kept going (as chair) and then all at once I wasn’t here at some point.”

Glitches after purchase

The board also took issue with problems reported by treasurer Kevin Kunkel with the new accounting software purchased in July. The software isn’t working as initially anticipated, along with other continuing issues.

“What I don’t understand is, we were supposed to have that setup done, and then mirrored all the way through the months (from July-December), so right away after July, maybe the first month, and the set-ups weren’t correct, they should have known right there and then, they weren’t correct,” Calbow said. “Then we have September, October, November, to get stuff straightened out so it doesn’t happen. So where are we? Is it CIS’s (the software company) fault that this is happening?”

Kunkel said the issues are being worked on and are close to being fixed, a statement that didn’t sit well with at least one board member.

“The promise was made that it was a transition that would be seamless and done before the end of the year,” Calbow said. “They knew exactly what they bid on in the first place ... I can understand little bits here and there, but this is kind of major. Do we have to have them (CIS) back here to discuss this?”

Source: News Tribune