Putnam County Board Members Hear Regional School Report

The regional superintendent of schools, Chris Dvorak, stopped by the Putnam County Board Monday morning to discuss the annual report for the La Salle, Marshall and Putnam Region.

Dvorak was happy with the regional merger that brought in Marshall and Putnam counties, as well as programs going on in the region, including the work study program and the area’s truancy program.

He also discussed the funding issues going on with local schools.

“When you hear we’re fulling funding education, well, no we’re not,” Dvorak said.

He explained that while the state has set a budget for the schools, it is not providing categorical funds, like special education and transportation, and also took other funding sources, like the corporate personal property replacement tax, from districts like Putnam County.

Dvorak also discussed the lack of teachers and substitutes available in the district.

N0 all-clear signal for you

Sheriff Kevin Doyle told the board there had been some talk at other boards in the county about an “all clear” signal after tornado warning sirens have been blown.

Doyle said he didn’t know of any counties that currently used those types of signals, mostly for liability reasons, and told the board he would not be using them either.

Source: News Tribune