Big Problem With ‘Tiny Home’ Near Florid?

Image courtesy of Ellen Dunn
There will be no “tiny homes” in Putnam County.

At least until the next board meeting, and maybe not even then.

The Putnam County Board tabled an ordinance variance request by Ellen Dunn, of Florid, and her daughter Alicia, who said at the meeting she resided in Chicago, for a tiny home already placed at Ellen’s residence. 

Zoning Officer Jim Burger said he first noticed the building after he stopped at the residence to investigate an unpermitted deck. The Dunns claimed the structure had been on the property for 10 months before that.

The current zoning rules allow for trailers 825 square feet and above or 720 square feet and above if placed on the land of a blood relative. 

This structure falls below the size guidelines of either.

Alicia Dunn asked the board to write new language to allow the structure and the board tabled the request to review other municipalities’ ordinances. The zoning board of appeals previously had denied the variance request.

Source: News Tribune